Wednesday, 31 December 2014

iTunes 12.0.1 For Windows 32 And 64 bit

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Download the latest version of iTunes iTunes software for Windows 32 and 64 bit
Software Itunes Itunes top mobile phone management software for iPhone, iPod, iPad , which by Apple in the global supply.Using Itunes software can automatically detect the device associated with your device and the panel software to manage your device's. Transfer music files, photos, video files using the software provided and maintained it should be noted that you can install and uninstall the game and manage your software in iTunes. ITunes provides the ultimate software update every week. ITunes software supports all versions of Windows 32 and 64 bit versions of the software have been developed for two different formats.
The new version of the software features Itunes:
- Manage the iPhone and iPad devices
- File Transfer music, videos, photos
- Install the game directly
- The introduction of new software and games
- Identification Devices
- Supports all Windows
- Supports 32 and 64 bit versions
Pictures of the application environment iTunes:
iTunes 11.1.2
iTunes 11.1.2
Operating System Requirements: Any version of Windows 32 and 64 bit
Note To install the iOS version 8, you need to install iTunes version 11.4 and higher.


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